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10 tips I wish I knew at the beginning of my IG journey

October 6, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Here are my top ten tips I would tell my self if I could go back to the day I started One Drink A Day.

1. Don’t listen to anyone but your self. There are so many opinions/ how to do this and that. I would often listen to what other people had to say. When it didn’t work out I’d feel so upset. What I’ve learnt is to listen to advice but also remember everyone has different circumstances in life.

2. Learn from constructive criticism but fight back to negativity. I really appreciate constructive criticism because it comes from a place of care and knowledge but if someone leaves a nasty comment just to hate on you (without a solution), I won’t back down. Just don’t overreact and make your self look like the idiot but let them know you take no shit.

So this is a funny story. The 2 comments were from the same account (the other blacked out comment was a bit of an inappropriate sexual request one hahah) .When I checked my comments though it was non existent. So what I did was take a screen shot of my notifications and then…

Sent him this message…….So it was his mate that sent the first comment, deleted it then re commented then deleted it again? Then to use the I don’t talk english card……I absolutely hate gutless fuck heads like this. 


3. Don’t worry about opinions. Not everyone is going to like what you do. As soon as you realise this you’ll start unleashing your full creative potential. I often wouldn’t post something because I knew my work was polarising. Now, that exact difference is what makes me stand out.

4. Know your brand. Knowing your brand is so important. When you know what you are about it really shows in your content. Having an identity shows a new potential follower what you have to offer from the get go. On the flip side if your page has poor branding e.g. looks like it could be about cocktail bars or home bartending or food/drink, people get confused and walk away.

5. Say no. I used to say yes to so many brand deals (that fit my brand of course). This made me feel so stressed/burnt out. I felt like I was beginning to lose all my creative passion. It’s easy to accept everything that comes your way but just be careful as workload can snowball! Time is always on your side so don’t take everything on board all at once.

6. Help more people out. I wish I had done a lot more of this earlier on. If you have any great advice to offer others in the community put it out there regardless of how insignificant you may think it is. What may seem normal/basic for you could be life changing for someone else.

7. Enjoy the ride. It’s great to have milestones /goals but you have to also enjoy the process. When I reached my first 10k followers I was like 🙂 then 20k then 30k etc. One day I thought to myself I’m always looking ahead and not really enjoying today. Reaching those milestones gives you short term enjoyment but remember to focus on today and work hard to release great content. Stop looking ahead/dreaming about potential brand deals, follower numbers, etc and see how you can create impact today.

8. Change. I was so scared when I first changed my photography style. Just do it! People love seeing new/fresh concepts and that you are evolving. Change can open up so many more creative doors.

My style evolutions.

9. Show your self. I remember the exact day I decided to show my face during wine time. It was quite scary but after doing it once it became so fun and enjoyable. People love seeing who’s behind the page and to form a more personal connection.

10. Instagram is an app. I always think about this. IG is an app. It could be gone next year or you might wake up tomorrow to find your account’s been disabled by IG . This is why I believe having your own website is a great idea.

Hope that was useful ! Have a great weekend 🙂