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A beginner’s guide to creating video content on Instagram.

October 1, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

A beginner’s guide to creating video content on Instagram.

  • Use your smartphone. Many smartphones have really great video quality. Smartphone (esp. iPhones) are great for beginners because they are less susceptible to changes in environment. For example when you shoot in poor lighting with an iPhone it auto adjusts so the end result is remains pretty good. With a digital camera however poor lighting will definitely impact the footage. Basically, there are fewer things to worry about when using a smartphone because of the auto correction capabilities (to a certain degree).

My set up when I shoot videos on my iPhone.

  • Film during the day/with natural light. Natural light = better than artificial. Film in well lit areas if you can.
  • Don’t think Hollywood. We’ve all seen those viral videos on IG filmed in the middle of a street in India and some guy is chopping onions really fast. The footage quality is not great (and most likely filmed on a smartphone) but it racks up a heap of views because it connects with the audience. It transports you to the streets of India and does not appear staged or produced. Obviously if production quality videos is what your page is about then by all means go for it. There are people who try and create production quality videos with the assumption that it’ll perform better. It can actually perform way worse because it comes off like you are trying too hard to make it look professional and not quite connecting with your audience.
  • Listen to your audience. Think about all the questions you’ve received from your audience on a photo upload, then answer it through video. I started making tutorial videos in response to the constant messages asking how I made a particular garnish/drink. Create videos that solve a problem, show behind the scenes, reveal your processes, show something breath taking, spark a debate, etc.
  • Use video editing apps. I use an app called Quik. This app is super user friendly with basic editing tools and a selection of background music to choose from.

  • Buy a digital camera later. You don’t want to spend money on a camera when in a month’s time you aren’t using it. Again, you don’t need anything fancy to start with. Remember that using a camera takes more skill to operate than a smartphone (which you’ll need to learn). A camera can create better quality videos but quality alone won’t make your posts perform better (speaking from experience). Please don’t buy a camera thinking it’ll automatically improve post performance.

I use this Sony camera when not using my phone but still have no clue about when/how to change the settings.

  • Prep ahead. Shooting videos can become frustrating when you don’t have everything you need on hand. Make sure you have everything prepared before pushing the record button.
  • Just do it. Just give it a go. There’s nothing to lose and It’ll give you more creative options.

My account grew so much faster once I introduced videos. I would highly recommend that you try it too.

A video of mine which featured on LTD. It has over 2.4 million views!

My first ever video featured on LTD, shot on my iPhone!