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Easiest way to create video content (MacBook)

November 7, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

There are a few methods I use when shooting and editing videos. Today I’ll show you the easiest process that I’ve found when it comes to producing video content. This post is aimed at Apple computer (e.g. MacBook Pro) owners specifically.

Apple computers come with it’s own video editing software called iMovie. It’s great because it’s simple. iMovie takes out all the over complicated options other programmes can present, which can make the editing process seem very overwhelming (if you require a more cinematic style of video then you’ll probably require additional software).

The first step is to obviously film the video. I shoot multiple ‘scenes’ rather than one continuous. Having multiple small clips makes the editing process a lot easier.


Next I transfer the clips to my phone then AirDrop them to my MacBook. You can directly transfer the videos onto your computer but I don’t have the attachment required.

Open the iMovie application then push the + symbol then choose the ‘movie’ option.

Highlight and drag all the clips you want into iMovie to start the editing process.

My main editing actions are increasing the speed, trimming the clips, muting and altering  composition (mainly colour, contrast and brightness) of the video.

The iMovie app is so user friendly and self explanatory. I’m altering the colour saturation here.

Adjusting the speed to meet the 1 minute requirement for Instagram.

Once I’m satisfied with the final edit I save the file then AirDrop it to my iPhone.

The final step is to add some music to my video. I use an app called Quik (free) to do this.

CLICKHERE to watch the video!

Making a video doesn’t have to be an over complicated process. Make sure you film every little step that you perform as you can always cut things out later but you can’t go back in time. Finally remember that you can’t edit videos as easily/in detail like you can a photo, so you need to capture the goods from the get go.