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Finding good photo backdrops at home.

November 4, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

You don’t necessarily need a studio set up or have a heap of props to take an interesting photograph. There are many areas in your own home that you can use.

You may notice this back ground because all my earlier photos (Instagram) were taken here.

Kitchen splash back with a couple of sheets of coloured paper. The pressure cooker to the right has not been put away.

This all white background was my next progression.

The kitchen pantry. Corn thins to the right.

This look can be achieved by…

Pushing a table against a white wall.

This photo (sorry about the blurry photo!) was taken …

In front of the window blind!

Find unique patterns…


This wooden backdrop also….

Are the stairs. Lol needs a good clean by the looks of it.

If you feel stuck…

Use the floor?

This pattern comes from…

The spa lid.

This pink background…

Can be made by sticking a piece of pink paper onto a cereal box.

My current set up is on the dining table in front of the cows.

Obviously the interiors of your home will differ to mine. The point of this article was to show that any area can become a great backdrop for your photos with a little cropping (and good lighting and editing lol).