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How to create Viral content

September 30, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Viral content refers to any piece of material that rapidly spreads online, usually in a short space of time. Viral posts can lead to massive exposure (for content creators) which can lead to social growth, job opportunities, etc (unless the post went viral for the wrong reasons).

So how do you create viral content? The truth is there’s no sure fire method when creating viral content. What I do know is that there are certain factors you can control which may help your content go viral.

I’ll be using Instagram as an example (as that’s my main platform) today. If you haven’t already, I suggest you change your IG account to a business account. This will provide the necessary analytics required.

This is a screen shot of my analytics: my top performing posts in the past 1 year.

Figure out why your top posts performed so well. What I do is pick out one feature from a well performing post e.g. the colour scheme or garnish. Then I’ll upload a new¬† ‘test’ photo focusing on that particular feature. If that post does well/ goes viral, it answers the earlier question as to why.

Let’s put this into practice. Over time I’ve learnt my post that are

  • Group shots
  • Colourful
  • Pink/purples with a contrast e.g. green
  • Cucumber garnishes

tend to do well/ go viral (remember this is different for each individual).


As an experiment I’m going to create/upload a post tonight following the above points. My post will:

  • Be a group shot (more than 1 drink)
  • Showcase the colours of the rainbow
  • Showcase a pink as well as purple coloured drink
  • Incorporate cucumber garnishes
  • Have a colourful setting


Like so!


So I uploaded this photo tonight. At the time I screen grabbed this it just ticked over to 1 hour and I had received 323 likes + 10 comments. I’ll keep monitoring how it performs and see how many saves, shares and reposts it gets over the next few days/weeks.

I’m sure this won’t be the best performing post but I know it won’t be the worst either. I wanted to show you there are factors you can control when it comes to creating viral content. As for the rest of the puzzle pieces……if I could tell you with hundred percent confidence, I’d probably not be here writing this blog post haha.