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How to get over a creative slump

October 17, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

As a content creator I often suffer from creative slumps from time to time. I’ve had days where my mind goes blank with zero creativity to be found. This can sometimes cause a little stress because you start to think “is this is the end for me?”. However with time I usually get over this slump and resume creating beautiful content.

In having said that, I think there are ways you can help yourself to overcome a creative slump. I’ll show you one way which has helped me a lot. It’s all about breaking it down to the simple processes of creating content (photo or video).

This is a chart which breaks up the content creation into different components. You might have a few different or extra  components so feel free to add those in.

1. Pick a colour. Anything from the rainbow. Pick two or three colours if you’d like.

2. Flavour. Berries, spices, citrus, what’s in season?, what dishes do you like to eat (e.g. apple pie – apple and cinnamon, lemon juice …).¬†

3. Spirits/liqueurs. Match the ingredients you’ve chosen to a spirit or liqueur.

4. Technique. Do you want to make a simple mixed drink e.g. a GnT or incorporate a shake (the ingredients will often determine the technique).

5. Garnish. Think of a garnish that would suit the drink.

6. Photography style. Do you want a a flat lay or front on, indoors, outdoors, props, clean background etc.

By looking at each individual point you should be able to somewhat come up with a recipe and look. You don’t necessarily have to start with colour. You might think of a cool garnish concept first which then leads you to picking an ingredient(s) which leads to colour, and so on.

Let’s put this into practice.

Blue -> Blueberries-> Blueberry Jam -> Lemonade/pink lemonade -> Vodka -> Shake method -> Garnish: frozen blueberries -> Front view photography with plain background.

Using the chart above I’ve come up with an idea to make a blueberry (pink) lemonade type of cocktail using blueberry jam, lemon juice, and vodka (base ingredients) garnished with frozen blueberries. The photo would be taken front on with a plain background.

If all else fails try and look through old photos and re-edit/repost it. Remember that your audience is continuously growing and a large portion may have never seen your earlier content. If you still aren’t inspired, my advice is wine time. Just drink wine and let the day pass. You’ll get that spark of inspiration that you need with time. I promise.