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Influencer marketing Apps

September 26, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

My previous article focused on landing brand collaborations in exchange for free products. Today I want to show you how you can start earning money by using influencer marketing apps.

If the thought of asking for money directly to a brand doesn’t appeal to you, using an influencer marketing app maybe a great option. Influencer marketing apps are self managed phone applications which you can download from the App store (for free) on your iPhone for example. These apps work by connecting brands with influencers.

How does it work? A brand forwards their campaign brief to the company running the app. This campaign is then delivered to influencers who have signed up to the app (and filled in all relevant fields such as how much they charge) . It’s now up to the influencer to take on the campaign or not and it all progresses from there.  Brands get advertisement through niche influencers while the influencer gets paid without having to deal with long drawn out emails. Not all are run like this but it’s the most common structure.

The main benefit of using an app is that it’s super convenient. Even payment is straight forward as you can enter your bank details (on the app) for a direct deposit. The main downfall is that most of these apps have strict eligibility criteria, meaning they factor in (usually) your follower count , engagement rate, authenticity before accepting you. It can be a quick automated process or it can take a few days as someone on the team may manually check your activity before approving.

I myself belong to 2 influencer apps but haven’t done any campaigns (yet), with the main reason being brands setting too specific creative guidelines which conflicted with my plans. In having said that I feel it’s a great place to start out when looking for paid collaborations or if you just enjoy browsing.

I’ve screen grabbed a couple of example campaigns to show what you can expect if you ever go down the path of influencer marketing apps.


The campaign brief.

Some brands even include mood boards to show you examples of photography they are looking for.

At times you will have to buy the product yourself then add the costs to your fee. Other times the brand can send you their product after granting approval of a mock photo (what the photo would look like, just without the product in shot). It all depends on the campaign. 

Brands will set out specific dos/don’ts and other rules. If you fail to meet these requirements the brand can withdraw payment or reject your submission. You’ll receive a lot help to nail the brief on the first go. However the brand can ask you to modify it if they aren’t happy.


Sometimes the apps will email you when new campaigns are listed.

As you can see the format is very similar to example 1.

It’s that easy. Once your post goes live on your social channel(s) you’ll get the money deposited in to your bank account (pretty much on the same day). Many apps have a star rating system for how well you performed. This can make you seem more appealing and increase your chances of landing future campaigns. 

Now, go on to your app store (on your phone) and type in influencer or influencer marketing and you’ll have hundreds of different apps come up. Here are 4 that I found this morning. As you can see TRIBE is one that I’m already signed up with. Good luck !