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Instagram photos before editing

December 30, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Firstly, I don’t classify my self as a photographer. Although owning a digital camera I still to this day take most of my photos on my iPhone. Today I want to show you a few photos in raw form before it’s edited. Nowadays I only use the iPhoto editing tool, Instagram editing function and if I’m feeling a bit more adventurous I’ll use an app called  ‘Photo Editor-‘ (which is free to download on iTunes).

Below are a series of comparison photos with some editing notes.

I believe I changed the saturation and contrast pretty hardcore to get this look.

I changed the shadow and black point here to darken everything.

The pearl dust effect is so hard to capture. With this photo I put on a filter from the iPhoto app then had to really fiddle with the contrast, brightness, exposure and shadow to achieve that swirly look without impacting the bottle too much.

I lowered the saturation and played around with the black point as I didn’t want the photo to look super ‘colourful’. (this one was taken with a digital Camera).

This photo was super easy to edit because the raw file turned out so good. I just increased the saturation for more colour. I’m starting to think the raw photo looks better… (this was also taken on a digital camera ).

This is another one that photographed really well. I increased the brightness and made it warmer to bring out more blue tones.


I actually regret this edit because I took the saturation way too far and it almost looks fake. It got pretty good engagement on it though so can’t complain.

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