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My standard saturday

October 14, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

As you may know Instagram is a side gig for me. I work full time during the week so weekends are when I create most of my content for the following week (s). Today, I’ll show you what a standard Saturday looks like for me .

7:00am– The alarm goes off and I’m severely fucked off. After forcing my self to wake up, I make a to do list.

There’s so much to do!!!!!!

7:30am – I drink some coffee, then clean the kitchen/home because it’s a mess from the night before. At least I didn’t order kebabs from Uber Eats last night lol.

Look at this mess! It was a fun night.

9:00am I’ve vacuumed, mopped and cleaned the kitchen. Now it’s time to prep a few garnishes.Ok…. more mess post garnish prep. Sweet.

Garnishes ready to go.

12:00pm– Before I actually start making drinks I do some exercise to punish my self from last night’s drinking session. I always feel so good after though. Normally I play tennis but it’s raining today.

12:30pm– Wow that didn’t take long at all hahah. Now it’s drink time (#reward lol lol lol). I have some collaborative as well as general content to shoot. It depends but on a good day I can produce up to 5 good quality pieces of content.


Collaboration content. Not yet released hence the black out. I’ve done a shit job at hiding it though.

1:30pm- IG live session (the cucumber succulent).

2:00pm- Wine time! By this stage I’m almost feeling like I deserve some wine. I give myself about 30mins to unwind and check off the to do list. If I’m in the mood I’ll  do wine time on IG stories but that’s usually reserved for Thursdays.

Dry AF rosé . The only way. By this stage I am pretty tipsy but not drunk. I have mates on hand to help me taste test but even so there are a lot drinks to be had (sometimes drinks end up tasting like shit because it’s been sitting for a while so it’s better to have a little taste test before going to shoot). I have to be very careful not to get drunk because that’s when the day is over…. and it’s annoying when I still have so much to do but can’t even cut a lime straight.

2:30pm– For about an hour (minimum) I will edit/prepare the post(s) for the night.

3:30pm- I’m done but haven’t achieved half of the to do list. That’s just how it goes. At least I have wine!

Hopefully this gives you some behind the scenes insight. I love creating content but sometimes the day can end a lot later if I have deadlines or life commitments to attend to. Basically, I have no social life since starting One Drink A Day…. and I don’t even care!