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Candied Rhubarb and πŸ‹ lemon thyme weave

Candied Rhubarb and πŸ‹ lemon thyme weave

Ok guys , the weave is back and this time I’m featuring rhubarb and lemon thyme πŸ™‚  Let’s get into it !

First thing is making a rhubarb -lemon thyme simple syrup (you can just use simple syrup if you can’t be bothered). 
3 rhubarb stalks, 5-7sprigs of lemon thyme, 1/4 cup sugar , 1/4 cup water, lemon peel and a dash of fresh lemon juice. Put this on low heat and simmer gently until the rhubarb starts to break into strands and the syrup thickens.

Strain the syrup and store in the fridge.

Using a peeler – peel a few rhubarb strands length ways.

Cut into equal(ish) width.

Start the weaving process on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Tighten the weave then square the edges with a knife – it’s not necessary but it creates a cleaner look/finish!

Brush some rhubarb  syrup on the weave. Then sprinkle some thyme leaves πŸƒ on top and finish by brushing another layer of  the syrup.

Place into an oven at 90degrees Celsius for about an hour and a half – check though that it does not burn (individual oven temperature variance).  

Once out of the oven peel the weave off the baking tray.

Line the inside of a glass: it’s so easy to handle / stable due to the candying process.

Tip- if you leave the weave in the oven for too long, it will over dehydrate, to a point where it becomes brittle and break. The end product should be mouldable! 

Hope you guys have a go at making the rhubarb weave and keep an eye out on my IG page @onedrinkaday for the drink 🍹 made featuring this weave (will post sometime this week !). 

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