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cocktail enamel pins

November 14, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Some of you may have already seen my enamel cocktails pins through IG stories. The designs are based off actual cocktail recipes/photos that I’ve made and uploaded on Instagram. I’ll be taking pre-orders  as of today but first let’s have a look at the pins.

Gin and Aromatic Tonic garnished with a thyme tree



Gin, butterfly pea flower tea, lemon juice, and elderflower liqueur garnished with dragonfruit, blueberries + lychees



Gin, thyme syrup, muddled figs, hibiscus tea and tonic




Each pin will come with a small photo of the original drink/cocktail and the first 50 pins will include numbering e.g. 1/50,  for the collectors out there (this idea was suggested to me by a follower on IG !). I wonder who’ll get the #1 !


The back view of each pin with a measurement reference (cm)



If you are interested in purchasing a pin(s) read below!


Do you ship world wide?

Yes. My aim is to deliver internationally. There maybe some instances where it may not be possible (to deliver to your destination) but I will do my best to get them to where ever you may be in the world.


How much do they cost?

Each enamel pin will be 12 Australian Dollars. There will be an additional fee for shipping (see below) which will depend on your shipping destination/country.


Shipping costs.

These are only estimates and the price may vary depending on the your specific location. The price outlined is economy air mail (internationally) and regular mail (domestically) i.e. does not include tracking and or insurance. If you want to customise delivery services (e.g. express post, include tracking, insurance etc) please let me know. Additional fees will apply.


  • Within Australia 5 Australian dollars (free shipping if you buy 3 or more pins in one order)


  • New Zealand 15 Australian dollars
  • China 15 Australian Dollars
  • Any where else (UK, United States, Germany, Belgium, Canada, South America etc) 18 Australian Dollars



How do I pre order/ order?

To pre order or order (depending on what date you read this article) direct message me through my Instagram or email me [email protected] with the following details:

  • How many pins of which design (s) you would like
  • Your country of residence

I will contact you as soon as they are ready to be shipped (with the total price inclusive of shipping) and you can either proceed with payment or if you change your mind that’s all good too. I’m aiming for this weekend.

Payment methods.

I don’t currently have an online shop (as these pins are a pilot/tester). So the payment methods will either be via PayPal or  Internet bank transfer. I will be setting up an online store for self service in the near future.


I’m super excited about these pins and I Can’t wait to hear what you think about them. They make cute accessories on clothing, look great on a pin board or just have them as collectables (especially these first ones as I’m sure the second lot will have a different look about them e.g. packaging).

Ps. I legit only have limited number of pins. Sorry if you miss out this round but I’ll order more ASAP if they sell outAny questions please feel free to ask me through direct messages on IG or email!