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Custom Cocktail enamel pins

January 22, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

I made 3 custom cocktail pins a few months back and I’ve made some more!

The full range of ‘soft’ enamel custom cocktails pins available to purchase.

Size reference: the cucumber weave pin (middle one) has a height of 3.8cm and width of 1.45cm

Designed from these 7 cocktails as seen on my Instagram page.

GnT with thyme, fig and hibiscus.

Gin and butterfly pea flower tea.

Gin and Aromatic Tonic.

GnT with rainbow ice cubes.

GnT with cucumber rose.

GnT with lychee and edible flower (ps the group shot at the start has a black rim around the lemon but that’s a mule pin lol. This is the correct look).

GnT with a cucumber weave.

The pins are individually secured onto a cardboard back with a plastic sleeve.

All pins have a double rubber clutch.



If you would like to purchase these pins please read below.


Do you ship world wide?

Yes. There maybe some instances where it may not be possible (to deliver to your destination) but I will do my best to get them to where ever you may be in the world.


How much do they cost?

Each enamel pin costs 12 Australian Dollars. There will be an additional fee for shipping (see below) which will depend on your shipping destination/country.

Payment method – The preferred method of payment is by PayPal (bank transfer is only available to customers within Australia).



Returning customers.

All returning customers will receive a free pin (of your choice) + free shipping with their next order.



Shipping costs.

These are only estimates and the price may vary depending on the your specific location. The price outlined is economy air mail (internationally) and regular mail (domestically) i.e. does not include tracking and or insurance. If you want to customise delivery services (e.g. express post, include tracking, insurance etc) please let me know. Additional fees will apply.


  • Within Australia 5 Australian dollars (free shipping if you buy 3 or more pins in one order)


  • New Zealand 15 Australian dollars
  • China 15 Australian Dollars
  • Any where else (UK, United States, Germany, Belgium, Canada, South America etc) 18 Australian Dollars


To purchase:

Direct Message me (on Instagram) or email [email protected] with the type and quantity of pins you would like to purchase. I will then confirm the total amount payable. Once the money has been transferred via PayPal (I will ask for your delivery details to be written in the PayPal description section) I will ship out your order with a letter from me thanking you + funny stories I may have at the time.

Thank you for all your support and please feel to free to ask any questions you may have!

*Pins are subject to availability. I have only a limited number on hand so first in first served.