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Feature yourself on my Instagram (story).

January 3, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

Last year I had numerous DMs asking how much I charge for ‘shoutouts’ or just (rudely) to be featured. I’ve elaborated on this before but saying hello/getting to know me at least or tagging me in your own IG stories first will give you a better chance at being featured.

I’ve found a solution.

I decided to feature (who ever wants to be featured ) on my wine time. Basically wine time is a series of IG stories that I do once a week. I make cocktails, drink wine, , play acoustic cover songs, show my dog, etc. In 2019 I’m opening up my wine time to everyone.

Here are the rules

  1. Record up to 10 (max) Instagram story videos. The content should be based around you making a cocktail but can also include other elements such as drinking wine, eating etc.
  2. Transfer the files to me either via drop box, we-transfer or DMs.
  3. I’ll review it and notify you only if you’ve been selected for the feature.
  4. You can include 1 username tag, location tag, hashtag and a swipe up feature (if you have a website).
  5. You can submit as many times as you’d like.
  6. Entries are open all year long.
  7. No advertising or promoting brands. I want this to be about you.
  8. Must not mention any controversial topics such as religion, politics etc.
  9. Make sure the video has good lighting.
  10. Have fun.

If you are keen to feature yourself or happen to upload something on your stories that meets the above criteria, transfer me your saved IG videos with a message saying you’d like to be featured on wine time.