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Fruit drinks that kind of look like the fruit.

October 28, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Today I’ll show you how to make 3 fruity gin and tonics that resemble the fruit it self. The 3 flavours are strawberry, passion fruit and watermelon.

Strawberry – lychees, mint, all spice, pomegranate juice mixed with strawberry liqueur (1:4 ratio i.e. 1/4 amount of strawberry liqueur to pom juice).

Passionfruit – passion fruit pulp and butterfly pea flower tea.

watermelon – blueberries, cucumber strip, and a shot of watermelon juice.

Strawberry – Disperse the all spice throughout the glass secured with ice.

Add gin , tonic and pomegranate + strawberry liqueur mixture.

Add lychees and place the mint in the centre.

Passion fruit- Add passionfruit pulp and gin in a glass filled with ice.

Add tonic water then gently layer some butterfly pea flower tea on top. Add some more pulp at the end (not shown here).

Watermelon-  Place the cucumber strip at the bottom of the glass secured with ice. Disperse blueberries throughout.

Add gin, tonic and watermelon juice.

Strawberry, passion fruit and watermelon! Easy and delicious.