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Green Pansy flower syrup

October 3, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

I made a pansy flower syrup last year and discovered that purple pansy flowers produced a green solution when heated with water. Even more interestingly it changed to a pink colour when exposed to acid (like the butterfly pea flower tea). I feel the change from green to pink looks a little more dramatic than blue to purple/pink (butterfly pea flower).

The taste is pretty mild with a earthy/tangy /mild minty flavour.


I’ve noticed only purple pansy flowers create the green colour.

Instead of heating simple syrup with the pansies, I make a ‘flower water’ first. As you can see the purple pansy flowers have lost their colour and the water has turned green. I used about 5-6 flowers in a cup of water. I boiled the water until the desired colour was reached. Poke the flowers using a sharp knife to speed up the colour release.

Fine strain into a jar of simple syrup (1:1 ratio of sugar and water). You can determine how sweet you want the syrup to be by altering the quantity of simple syrup and or flower water.

A few progression shots to demonstrate the colour change. I added lemon juice into some flower syrup. As you can see it goes from a green to a pink colour.

Here is a gin and pineapple lemonade sweetened with the pansy flower syrup. I Garnished with pineapple leaves frozen in ice. I love watching the colour change in action and I know that you will too.

Here is a video to watch the colour change in action CLICKHERE

Make sure when you source pansy flowers that they are safe to consume (meaning no pesticides are used/not picked from an unknown source. Buy then from your local fruit/vege shop if you are uncertain).