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Improve Instagram Reach with videos

March 7, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

If you are looking to improve your reach (reach = how many people see your content) on Instagram, post more videos.

IG has previously stated that the algorithm treats videos and photos equally. This may be true…. but for me, videos seem to have a disproportionately higher reach than photos.

Let me explain this using my IG insights.



  • For overall engagement (in the past 1 year ) 6 out of the top 9 are videos.



  • For reach the top 9 (even top 15) are all videos.



  • This post is currently the most engaging (and reaching) photo. It has reached 74,472 (54% who weren’t following me) accounts. Interestingly it did not land in the explorer page despite having 6.6k likes, 723 shares and 191 comments.



  • In comparison this video post has poorer engagement (according to IG insights).  However the reach is higher with 76,789 accounts seeing the post (78% who weren’t already following me), and as you can see it made it to the explorer page (13,618).


  • I’m thinking perhaps the shares and saves maybe weighted a lot higher than likes and comments which might explain better reach and explorer page feature. I guess (in general) videos can be a lot more useful /practical therefore people are more inclined to share it with their friends and or save it for future reference.



  • Here are the insights into a video post which did quite poorly (compared to the 2 previous as well as all my posts in general) yet still managed to land in the explorer page. This is an interesting trend that I picked up. Almost without fail any video that I’ve posted have been featured in the explorer page (regardless of engagement) while higher performing photo posts (unless exceptional) have not.


In my personal experience I believe that videos have a far greater reach (disproportionately) than photos. Videos always seem to land in the explorer page where as photos struggle to do so even if engagement is higher. This is backed up by the fact that the % of accounts not already following me are greater on video posts than photo posts , again disproportionately.

If you aren’t reaching as many accounts/new accounts as you’d like, give video content a go. In having said this I believe each individual accounts are unique and what works for me may not work for you….. but just try it.