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My 1 tip to grow your Instagram

December 17, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Growing your social media can be such a daunting task especially if you are just starting out.

Many people have asked/ still ask me what advice I can give them to help grow their accounts. Today I want to share the one thing that has helped me to grow to nearly 100k in 2 years.

Below are some common growth strategies. Even if these methods work, it takes a lot of time and effort to pursue long term.

  • Follow and Unfollow. This method is extremely selfish and stupid.
  • Buying shout outs from larger accounts.
  • Engagement groups.
  • Power likes or similar services like this.
  • Plus many more.

Here is my advice to anyone trying to grow their account.

Instead of thinking about numbers think about what you can offer to a potential follower. If you give value to someone they will no doubt follow you. Value can mean various things such as;

  • Being an expert or specialist in a field (must really stand out with this one as there can be many self proclaimed ‘experts’).
  • Being entertaining and allowing someone to feel joy when they consume your content.
  • Being original and inventive/ having content never seen before.
  • Probably too many others to mention but hopefully you get the idea.

Figuring out what value you can offer is seriously the hardest part. One way you can do this is to pick an aspect of your niche that you are passionate about/good at then focusing on it. Over time people will start to recognise you as the go to person for that particular thing(s).

If you have a look at my content, I’m clearly not the best bartender or recipe developer but I know I can roll the prettiest effing cucumber rose. I can transform just about anything I put my mind to into a garnish. I invent new ideas and concepts that are intriguing. Basically I specialise in creating garnish ideas and give value by providing tutorial videos and blog posts.

Insights on a recent video that I uploaded. 1300 people saved this post which is a great feeling for me as it shows that they found this content valuable. 

If a viewer sees no value i.e. your post is just a generic cocktail photo (that looks and reads like everyone else in the niche), they are less likely to go and visit your profile (because they can’t be fucked). However if the viewer feels as if they have gained something (e.g. learning a new technique or feeling happy after a shit day because you are funny) from your content they are more likely to visit your profile. Then as long as your other content offers the same level of value they probs will push that follow button.

I truely believe if you shift your mind set from “how can I get this many likes or this many followers?” to “how can I create content that will bring value to the audience?”, the likes/comments/followers will flood in as a by product. The true benefit of knowing the value you bring to your audience is not growth but the freedom that you will have to focus on creating content instead of worrying about numbers, feeling pressured to seek out unethical growth practices and blaming the algorithm.

Today I rarely make content with the thought of getting the highest numbers or engagement. Instead I rely on the fact that if I create something of value then the numbers will follow. When I experience times of poor engagement on a post it does impact me but it also motivates me to try and come up with something better, weirder and crazier than before.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you out in some way!