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New updates for 2019!

January 1, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

Hope everyone had an amazing NYE and feeling not too shit today. Lets have a look at what you can expect from One Drink A Day in 2019.

  • More regular blog posts. I will be more consistent with posting on this platform. I’ll upload at least 1 new blog post per week, so make sure to subscribe. Blog ideas are also encouraged/if you would like to contribute material for this blog please email me.


  • Social media tips. I want to share new and useful social media (Instagram) tips as they arise. Check out the ones so far archived in the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section of my blog.

CLICKHERE to read my article on fake influencers.


  •  I will create a forum (a private Facebook group) for other social media users to discuss and ask questions in regards to growing their Instagram pages, content creation, working with brands etc.


  • Cocktail Pins. I managed to sell a few of my custom made cocktail pins last year but sort of held off after pre sales with the hope of making an online shop…. which I’m yet to do! I have 4 new pins being made as we speak and will announce them on IG when they are ready!

My 3 custom-made cocktail pins.

The 4 new designs that are coming out in 2019!


  • Wine time. I want to introduce guest wine timers. I haven’t figured it out yet but I like the idea of you submitting videos of yourself making a cocktail which will then be uploaded on my IG stories for ‘wine time’. There will be a selection criteria to avoid blatant self prmotion. I get DMs from people asking me what my shoutout rates are. I also have people just asking me bluntly to feature them. Both these enquiries are not something that I’d consider. Therefore guest wine timing is a good way to ensure the person puts in effort creating content and in return gets a feature.

PS. This is all I have so far but I’ll update you as I think of new ideas. I also haven’t forgotten about all the IG story suggestions sent by you guys!

I need to go implement the above points now!

Wine time? Just playing around with the HP Sprocket (pocket printer that prints sticker films).