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Tools and ingredients that I use

January 6, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

Today I’ll share some tools and ingredients that I often use. I’ll also provide web links to where I purchased them from.

This blue peeler looks like a plastic toy but the blades are extremely sharp. It’s almost sticky if you know what I mean. Just be very careful not to hurt your self. It’s the perfect tool for cucumber roses and peeling citrus. Honestly this is the sharpest peeler that I have ever used. It’s made by an Australian company called Polyzand and is also available to purchase on eBay.

CLICKHERE for the link. It’s 10 AUD to purchase from their website (free delivery within Australia).

Made using the peeler.

This pairing knife is by the brand Victorinox (Switzerland made). The blade is super sharp, durable and pretty cheap at 9.90 AUD from Nisbets. 

CLICKHERE for the link. Just google ‘Victorinox Parer 10cm’ if you live outside of Australia as you can most likely get this anywhere in the world.

This silicone ice mould is from Kmart and retails at 1.50 AUD. It’s perfect for making flower ice cubes, especially when removing the top ice layer (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve read the article on making flower ice cubes if not CLICKHERE

CLICKHERE for the link to the Kmart site.

This is a relatively recent purchase also from Kmart. These 4 metal straws ( you can get it in plain silver ) with the cleaning brush retails at 3 AUD.

CLICKHERE for the link.

This is the butterfly pea flower tea brand that I use. I initially bought a massive box worth but then the owner supplied me with a heap more of their products. I probably have enough to last another year which is perfect because I use this ingredient in every other cocktail that I make. This box ( 20 individually foil wrapped butterfly pea flower tea bags) retails at 5.50 AUD

CLICKHERE for the link. They have many international stockists so for those of you living overseas you should still be able to access it.

This elderflower and rose cordial is the perfect balance of sweet, citrus and floral. Belvoir Fruit Farms do a whole range of syrups available fromWoolworths for 5.50 AUD. My most used commercial cordial in 2018.

CLICKHERE for the link.

If you are from overseas check out their website CLICKHERE . They are a UK based company so shoot them an email to find a stockist near you.

Thank you for reading! I’ll do more posts like this in future as I discover more interesting tools and ingredients.