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Apple garnishes

October 3, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Today I’ll show you how to turn an apple into a turtle shell, rose, honeycomb and cactus.

Before I bought these cookie cutters, I had to hand cut everything! The hexagon cutters are from Etsy and the cactus one can be found in many baking supply stores (I said I bought it on ETSY on IG Live tonight which was incorrect).  

Cut an apple ‘dome’ and gently push the hexagon cookie cutter to create an imprint. You want a central hexagon with 6 other hexagons around it.

Use a knife to cut out the hexagon shape but leave a smaller hexagon in the centre as shown in the photo.

Make semi circular cuts around the circumference.

The honeycomb is pretty self explanatory (using the cookie cutter).

To make the apple rose. Thinly slice an apple using a vege peeler then soak it in some hot water. I’ve added  flower extract to colour it red. You can use coloured teas too. The hot water will soften the apples. About 10-15 minutes should be enough time.

Wring out the apple slices.

Line the apple slices in a circular formation overlapping by about a half.

Then Roll.

The rose should be very stable as the slices stick onto each other. Open up the ‘petals’ as desired.

After cutting out the cactus shape insert a few cloves.


Perfect for your drinks /cocktails.