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Apple Panda Bear

September 12, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

A panda bear garnish made with apples and blueberries.

1. Slice an apple (0.5cm thick) then cut out a circular shape using a cookie cutter.

2. Poke out two holes. I’m using a spirit pourer. 

3. Use something slightly larger to poke out a second hole at about a 30 degree angle outwards from the first hole. Make sure the two holes are joined. You’ll see what I mean in the next photo.

4. Panda eyes.

5. Use a knife to cut out a triangle shape (just below the eyes) to from the nose.

6. Use toothpicks to secure 2 blueberries to form the ears.

To make the apple panda bear come to life add some activated charcoal powder to your drink (which will turn your drink black) then place the garnish on top.

Add some thyme (or rosemary) for the panda to chew on.

WARNING – Activated Charcoal can interfere with medications so please consult your doctor before consumption.