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Cucumber Cactus

September 6, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

If you love cacti, then this cucumber garnish is worth making. I’ll show you 2 variations today.

1. Cut your cucumber to the desired length.

2. Slice the cucumber length ways from about 1/3 of the way in from the edge all the way down.

From here, just follow the images, it’s pretty self explanatory.

3.  I rounded off the tips using a knife.

Cucumber cacti!

The next cucumber cactus takes a little more effort but still super easy.

1. Once you slice down the cucumber as shown previously, divide the piece into 2 (or 3).

2. Use a knife to round off the tips. Then use a skewer or tooth pick to punch holes into the cucumber as shown in this image.

3. Cut the 3 cucumber strands into different lengths.

4. Poke a tooth pick into the tips of each cucumber then place a blueberry on top.

5. Line up the cucumber so it’s flush at the base. Then secure the 3 individual strands by inserting a tooth pick perpendicularly. Cut the the tooth pick to size so it doesn’t show. 

Press your cucumber cactus garnish up against the glass to showcase it. Ps. I  poked some holes on the left cactus too… which you can do as well if you want.