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Cucumber Flower

September 4, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Cucumber flower – Basic Method.

1. You’ll need a vegetable peeler, a cucumber (less seeds the better) and toothpicks.

2. Shave slices of cucumber horizontally using the vegetable peeler. You can also use a mandolin for this step if you have one handy.

 3. Arrange the slices of cucumber lengthways (as shown above) and overlap by about a half. If you end up with  different size cucumber slices have the smaller ones at the beginning of the row and larger at the top.

4. This next step is very important. You need to roll as tightly as you can.

5. Start the roll from the bottom and work upwards. Use your thumb to prevent the cucumber slices from separating as you roll.

6. This is what you should end up with.

7. Secure the roll using toothpicks. Pierce from one side straight through to the other. Repeat using another toothpick in a perpendicular manner. Imagine you are cutting a pie equally using toothpicks. The exact number of toothpicks you need will vary but I tend to use a minimum of four. The aim is to use as many toothpicks as you need so that the roll doesn’t unravel once you let go of it.

8. At this point you might want to break the toothpicks to size (as it can be unsightly) using your hands. You can always break the toothpicks to size beforehand too. Make sure to leave some length though as the flower may fall apart when you go to open the ‘petals’.

 9. Gently use your fingers to open the ‘petals’. You can use your opposite hand to support the base of the flower at the same time to decrease the chances of the flower breaking apart.

Hendrick’s GnT garnished with a cucumber flower and lime.