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cucumber succulent

September 23, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

The cucumber succulent surprisingly is quick to assemble. It’s the prep ahead that can take a while. There are many different looks you can create but the principles stay the same for any succulent.

Cut the cucumbers like so. You want the outside part only but if you get some seeds in the process don’t worry, you can cut them off later.

The shape I’ve chosen today is a tear drop (kinda) shape.

You will create 3 types of the same shape.

1. The three smallest ones are the inner most part of the succulent

2. The thinnest (you’ll have to almost fillet the cucumber with a sharp knife) but longest pieces will form the most outer layer.

3. These are the thickest pieces. You need make sure the base is thick enough so a toothpick can be inserted. Make varying lengths.

This photo shows the number 3 piece with a tooth pick inserted.

The first step I like to do is to insert the number 3 pieces along the circumference of a cucumber ‘stump’ (end piece of a cucumber).

Continue to use piece number 3 (use shorter pieces as you work in) to work in wards. The cucumber stump size will determine how many layers you can fit.

Secure the number 2 pieces along the outside.

Finally the smallest pieces slot in the centre (in a triangular formation). These pieces should hold without needing toothpicks.


Cucumber Succulent.