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Cucumber weave garnish

September 17, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

The cucumber weave garnish was something I created last year. I was inspired by food bloggers creating amazing pie crusts by weaving the pastry. I applied this technique to a cucumber and used it as a drink garnish.

I’ve received a heap of love but also a few comments likeĀ  “It’s too time consuming” , “It’s a waste of time”, “This will never work in a bar setting” to name a few. ThisĀ motivated me to come up with a cucumber weave method which was practical, stable, and quick.

You’ll need a cucumber , vegetable peeler, kebab skewer and baking paper.


1. Peel 5 thin slices of cucumber then cut each slice into half but have one end still joined (about 1cm should be enough). This is where the stability of the weave will come from.


2. Line up 2 strips of cucumber length ways. Then weave one half of another strip horizontally in an over and under manner. Repeat with the other half (making sure not to break the join) but now starting in the opposite direction (e.g. if you started under over under over for the first row, the second row should be over, under, over, under and so on). Use the skewer to flip over the vertically orientated cucumber as shown in the photo for faster weaving.


3. Tighten the weave. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is to alternate the joined ends (that go horizontally) right and left. You could probably do the same with the vertical strips too but I chose not to here. Again, this will improve the stability of the weave.


4. Trim the edges of the weave making sure not to cut through the joins. Use scissors to cut the baking paper to around just larger than the weave.


5. Use it straight away or stack up the weave + baking paper on top of each other and store in a fridge (in an air tight container). I’d recommend using it on the same day though. This method of prepping and storing is called the burger patty method.


6. Apply the weave onto the inside of a glass making sure to handle only the baking paper. exert some pressure and gently lift off the baking paper. The water from the cucumber should allow the weave to cling onto the glass.


Make sure to stabilise with ice though as the weave can drop off if you bump or knock the glass.


The cucumber weave. This literally took me 3 minutes to make. It looks so beautiful and odd. Although people have said it’s a waste of time, I think it’s a new and innovative way to garnish your drinks.