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Homemade Rose Water

July 18, 2019 BY One Drink A Day

Store bought rose water can taste super overpowering and rank as fuck. This is why making your own maybe a good idea. You can control the flavour intensity and using fresh rose petals makes for a non soapy end result.

Gently remove and wash the petals to get rid of insects, debris, etc that may be present. I grow my own roses at home but you can store buy them. Make sure they are edible AKA not been sprayed with chemicals.

Add the rose petals to a sterile jar followed by hot water (Not too much but not too little. You want all petals to have contact with the water but not so much that you can see a body of water with petals floating on top).

Maybe a touch more water would have been perfect. Place the lid on the jar, give it a shake then place it in the fridge for about 2 days. Make sure to give it a shake every few hours if you can.

Fine strain.

TIP: Add more water if the rose flavour is too strong.

TIP 2: Add sugar to make a rose syrup.

Interestingly rose is a natural PH indicator. The left hand side is a Gin, rose water and soda water while the right hand side is a Gin, rose water and tonic water (which undergoes a colour change to a hot pink colour).