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Strawberry butterflies

September 5, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

Strawberry butterflies are super easy and quick to make. They also look pretty too!

All you need is a sharp knife, strawberries and tooth picks (optional).

1. Split the strawberry in half but not completely.

3. Gently pry open using your fingers. The two halves should still be attached by the stalk.

4. Use the knife to cut each half lengthways as shown above. The split down the middle should naturally result in a butterfly shape.

5. Cut along the lines as shown above (‘V’ shape) to accentuate the shape.

6. Done!

7. If the two halves detach like this (after step 3)….

8. Use 2 tooth picks in a ‘X’ formation to secure the two halves (from the back) then continue on from step 4.

You can prepare these ahead of time.

Slide the strawberry butterfly into your drink against the glass to show it off!