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Strawberry Rose

September 11, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

A strawberry rose is a classic garnish and it’s not too difficult to make.

You will need a small sharp knife (pairing knife) and strawberries that aren’t over ripe.

1. Start from about the half way mark and cut down towards the stem without slicing completely through. This will form the first petal of the rose.

2. Continue to make cutsĀ  like this all the way around.

This is an aerial view of what the strawberry should look like after completing step number 2. To make the petals look open tilt your knife to the right gently at the end of your cuts.

3. Do the same cutting pattern but now further up.

4. Keep cutting in the same manner as you continue to go up the strawberry.

5. Once you are left with the tip either cut it out (as shown here), or you may choose to leave it.

A strawberry rose (frozen) in action.