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October 7, 2018 BY One Drink A Day

You can win free things just by subscribing to my blog!

Once you subscribe to my blog you will gain automatic entry to win free things. Prizes can range from ingredients that I use, equipment, alcohol, books etc. I’ll announce the prizes on here and draw a winner at random in 1 week’s time from announcement.

The prize for my first giveaway is a box of my favourite ingredient; butterfly pea flower tea. I bought so many boxes last year as well as being gifted a ton of it from the company Wild Hibiscus Flower Co

You’ll get 20 individually wrapped teabags.

What the teabags look like.

Butterfly pea flower tea changes from a beautiful blue colour to a purple/pink when acid is added to it. You can make syrups, bake with it, use it as a cocktail/mocktail ingredient and so much more.

Make an alcoholic butterfly pea iced tea!

Subscribe to the blog/newsletter today for your chance to win (open to all subscribers/ internationally). As long as you remain subscribed you’ll automatically be eligible for all giveaways in future!

Good luck ­čÖé