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My first ever post happens to be on International Gin and Tonic Day : how fitting !

Hey guys! So I’ve finally made a blog/ website πŸ˜€! The reason why Onedrinkadayblog.com was made was to share and expand the content on my Instagram page @onedrinkaday (Click on the Instagram icon in the social media box on this page )

To cut a long story short: I started posting cocktail 🍹/ drinks photos on my personal Instagram page in October of 2016 (at this time I had something like 145 followers: mainly friends and family) and fast forward to today: I have grown to 6133 followers as I write this post and continue to grow : Thanks to all my supporters πŸ™ŒπŸ™β€οΈ Love you guys !!!!

Basically what I do is create cocktails and drinks with a huge emphasis on presentation , styling and garnishing ! I also try to invent new and exciting flavour combinations . I have made this page to give my followers a platform to better engage and interact with myself , which can’t be easily achieved on Instagram (as it’s more photo/ visual in nature) + I’ve been getting a few emails lately with questions asking how to make a certain garnish, exact recipes and methods , or how to doΒ this and that etc etc…. which can take some time to respond to πŸ˜….

Onedrinkadayblog will showcase beautiful photos + recipes of cocktails 🍹 and drinks, tutorials and tips on drink styling, features of spirits and liqueurs that I use, discussion forums/ recipe sharing platforms, giveaways, and much more πŸ‘!

Ok, enough of all that boring intro stuff . Today is INTERNATIONAL GIN AND TONIC DAY ( and there is another one later in the year: how cool!) . To celebrate πŸŽ‰ I smashed out a few gin and tonic variations using Brookie’s Gin by Cape Byron Distillery and feeling a bit tipsy actually πŸ™ƒπŸ‘! This gin is from Byron Bay and the botanicals used are foraged from the forest 🌳 (behind the family farm) , which the Brook family planted 30 years ago: how amazing! You guys should check them out if you haven’t already: www.capebyrondistillery.com

Enough talking now , time to see the photo! Happy drinking everyone and happy International Gin and Tonic Day. Cheers!

From left to right :

1.lemon πŸ‹ and juniper berries with an edible flower garnish

2. πŸ₯’ cucumber, lime and bitters with a lime rose garnish

3.raspberry and lemon (pink lemonade) with edible flower garnish

4. 🍎 apple, cinnamon, clove and lemon with edible flower garnish

5. Grapefruit, Thai basil and rosemary

I used Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic as my mixer.

Gin and tonic: totally refreshing πŸ’¦ and versatile πŸ‘Œ . Happy drinking everyone and remember to drink with style !

P.s : exact recipes will be added soon (ish)/ as soon as I make my recipe link in my menu section .


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