Garnish Tutorials
October 5, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
If you haven’t already seen the original citrus peel rose article¬†CLICKHERE The 2.0 version incorporates two types of citrus peels to create a two toned rose. Peel the citrus. Hook the two ends of the peel then roll. Continue…. A very pretty garnish. Cheers!
January 1, 2019 BY One Drink A Day
Hope everyone had an amazing NYE and feeling not too shit today. Lets have a look at what you can expect from One Drink...
October 7, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
You can win free things just by subscribing to my blog! Once you subscribe to my blog you will gain automatic entry to win...
Garnish Tutorials
September 14, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
If you struggle to cut a strawberry rose using a knife, this method is for you. The secret weapon is an apple corer. 1....
September 23, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
Egg whites have long been used to create cocktails rich in texture with a foamy cap . However if you can’t stand the thought...
Garnish Tutorials
September 27, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
This lipstick garnish is made using cucumber and watermelon. It’s a cute little garnish you can make for themed events, beauty/fashion functions, bridal parties,...
Garnish Tutorials
July 8, 2019 BY One Drink A Day
These cute garnishes can add a touch of luxury to your drinks. All you need is an apple, sharp knife, hibiscus extract (or any...
Behind The Scenes
November 7, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
There are a few methods I use when shooting and editing videos. Today I’ll show you the easiest process that I’ve found when it...
Garnish Tutorials
September 13, 2018 BY One Drink A Day
Using citrus peels to make a rose is legit the easiest thing you can do.¬† 1. Choose your citrus. You’ll also need a vegetable...